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"Congratulations once again to you and your family Mr July.We at Autohaus would like to wish you many happy and safe travels. All the best!"


Good afternoon

My name is Nadine Wray and I am very proud to be part of the VW family. I have been servicing my cars at VW Autohaus Centurion for about 4 years now and could not be happier with the service that I always receive there.

I recently noticed a strange noise from my car, and went to VW Centurion. I there met their service foreman Hashim Abdulla who drove with me and determined what the problem was. My car was then booked in for the bearings to be replaced.

I arrived there early this morning and was greeted by many friendly staff. From the lady who books the services, to the gent welcoming the clients booked for services. Myself and another client started chatting about how pleasant it is going into that particular VW service centre.

Hashim Abdulla came out again welcoming me and reassuring me that the problem would be sorted out and that they will be as quick as possible as we are going away for the weekend. I was then taken back home by an exceptionally friendly gent (the roadside assistance gentwho's name I did not get) and that too was a pleasant experience. As promised, I got my car back on time. Once again Hashim Abdulla came out and greeted me.

I would like to say a huge thanks to everybody at the service centre, particularly Hashim Abdulla. There are very few companies that give such exceptional service as the VW Autohaus Centurion. Well done to every single one of you, and keep up the superior service. It's a pleasure dealing with you all :-)

Nadine Wray
VW Scirocco owner